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Publication date: 2018-06-04 22:27

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I have been making Dan tarts, they came out great and my family love them.
Thank you for creating the videos. I will be making lots more so keep up the cooking and making new videos.

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6. 7 salted egg yolks
7. 6 tsp mei kuei lu chiew
8. 55 grams = 6. 77 oz, all purpose flour, sieved
9. 68 ml = thsp measuring spoons, vegetable oil
5. 85 grams = 7 tbsp measuring spoons, mooncake golden syrup
6. a pinch of salt
7. 685 plus 695 grams, TL 775 grams = 9. 5 oz, lotus seed paste
8. egg wash: an clear egg yolk add 65 ml = 6 tbsp measuring spoons, milk
9. Finished mooncake skin dough: 99 grams = 8. 866 oz

Chinese/ cantonese video cooking recipes | Please be my

With weather this good who wants to eat inside? The lovely interns have been helping construct a beautiful outdoor kitchen so we can enjoy cooking (and drinking) under the sun and the stars.

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i live in Hannover. maybe someday i can visit you in Frankfurt. i heard there 8767 s a very nice chinese restaurant near the hauptbahnhof.

Here at Gold Bar Ranch, we welcome interns all year around. Many interns are WWOOF members and Helpx members. Come join the team!

Thanks Maria
Im in UK so i dont know where i can get the hongkong flour , but ill try..
Keep up the good work.

5. Remove the front axle shields. Start with the driver side. Use the 7' extension and a swivel to reach the shield bolts. These are allen bolts, again. Might have to play around with different extensions to reach these.

Might this imply that I 8767 d have to go to Frankfurt to find Chinese food products like black beans, oyster sauce etc. Or load up with sauces/condiments before I quit Hong Kong!

非常感謝您的解釋.這週末不用上班,可以做包子吃.我女兒聖誕節回家時,我做了 8776 酥皮蛋撻 8776 ,很成功,我女兒和我先生讚​不​絕​口,流沙奶黄飽就麻麻地,不用上班時,會再試做, 8776 失敗是成功之母 8776 !在此我也非常感謝老師的食譜.有很仔細說明和字幕,我聽力障礙,也可以從您那兒學到很多東西,孩子們可以吃到中國點心.見到家人吃得開心,我心裡默默感謝您.非常感謝您.

低筋麵粉: 我自己做: 95 克 Aldi 普通麵粉= weizeumehl type 955 和 Aldi Feine speisestärke, maisstärke glutenfrei, 65 克粟米粉 = corn starch 拌勻後, 一起同濾出 8 至 9 次至完全混合, 便成.

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